SWMC Adds Outpatient Occupational Therapist

Joe Denoyer - February 18, 2019 3:24 pm


SWMC Press Release:

Integrative Physical Therapy at Southwest Medical Center has announced outpatient occupational therapy services are now available at the regional medical center in Liberal to assist patients in addressing obstacles in their daily lives.

Occupational therapy is focused on assisting patients of all ages in adapting to their different living environments. Occupational therapists commonly assist patients in living more independently at home, school, work, community spaces, long-term care centers, assisted living homes, and more. Healthcare providers are able to refer services for patients experiencing a wide range of medical conditions, including brain or spinal cord injuries, neurological disorders, fine motor delays, cerebral palsy, attention-deficit disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autistic spectrum disorders, behavioral/social issues, genetic disorders, sensory processing disorders, and more.

After thorough physical and/or neurological examination, an occupational therapist can work with each patient to teach new ways of performing common tasks, suggest helpful physical modifications in a patient’s daily environments, and even recommend assistive equipment to help a patient adapt more easily in their surroundings.

Integrative Physical Therapy at Southwest Medical Center’s licensed occupational therapist, Cassie House, MOTR/L, has been providing therapies for patients for nearly 14 years.

“My goal for OT is to help people be as safe and independent as possible with living their life,” House said, adding, “That may include self care skills, work related tasks, or leisure activities.”

Depending on a patient’s condition, a wide variety of integrative treatments and therapies can be provided through occupational therapy, including coordination training, strengthening, fine motor skill refinement, sensory integrative therapy, oral motor therapy, functional skills training, neuro-developmental treatment techniques, and much more.

“Occupational therapy is a very specialized approach to patient care which truly helps individuals build or regain skills and abilities to be able to live their life to the fullest,” Integrative Physical Therapy at Southwest Medical Center owner, Jacob Tuttle, MPT, said. “We are proud to continue working with Southwest Medical Center to expand the quality services we offer close to home in the communities we serve.”

“Our team is committed to improving the wellness and overall quality of life for our patients,” Southwest Medical Center President and CEO, Bill Ermann, said. “Occupational therapy is a unique service which can open new doors for patients and help many individuals become better connected and involved in their surroundings, which serves to strengthen the bonds of our community as a whole.”

For more information about occupational therapy services, patients or providers can contact Integrative Physical Therapy at Southwest Medical Center at (620) 629-6390 or visit the department at Southwest Medical Center, located at 315 W. 15th Street in Liberal.


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