City of Liberal Offices to Close Tuesday

Joe Denoyer - February 15, 2021 1:53 pm


Due to power shortages across the region, City of Liberal Offices will be closed to the public on Tuesday, February 16th 2021 to help conserve power during this time of inclement weather. Please be aware that emergency services will be operating at full capacity during this time. The City of Liberal advises everyone to be mindful during this time of high demand on utility services by setting thermostats at lower temperatures and to use only what power is absolutely needed. Currently areas in this region are under rolling blackouts with power being distributed for an hour at a time. Please do what you can to conserve power. If you have generators, please make sure that they are fueled and ready in case of a power shortage. Updates will given on a day by day basis.

Thank you for understanding,
City of Liberal


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