Woman Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Weapon

KSCB News - January 3, 2013 10:07 am

A call for Guymon Police Officer Charles Mark to be dispatched to Memorial Hospital of Texas County on New Years Day ended with the arrest of 18 year old Paiton Morales for an assault with a deadly weapon.
According to the Incident Report provided by the Guymon Police Department, Officer Mark arrived at the emergency room where Morales was being observed by nurses. Morales proceeded to tell Mark upon his arrival that she was at a party and had been drinking and went outside and had proceeded to be beaten up by Raul Silva at the party over an argument about her brother-in-law.
During the visit with Morales at the hospital, officers obtained a blood-stained sweater of Morales’ as evidence, and Morales claimed to not know where the blood came from.
Morales had later informed another officer that she had a knife but didn’t know where it was at the moment.
Officers were able to locate Silva and he told Sgt. Francisco Lopez that Morales had cut him in the hand, and Morales was then taken into investigative custody after being cleared by the doctor.
Morales confirmed knowledge that she had a knife at some point, but did not know where it was and did not recall what happened because she blacked out due to intoxication.
Silva told Sgt. Lopez that after talking to Morales all night, he denied her advances and then she proceeded to make thrusting motion with a knife toward Silva, and there was a laceration on the right index finger near the webbing of the thumb.
Silva told Sgt. Lopez that he threw Morales to the ground and was able to get the knife out of her possession, and once Morales had gotten back up, she charged at him and he had to throw her to the ground once again.
According to the report, Silva told Sgt. Lopez that Morales’ brother-in-law was only mentioned after the incident had already occurred and it had nothing to do with the knife or having to throw her to the ground.
Two other individuals were questioned in which one stated that she discussed the argument with Morales and said that Morales had admitted to the argument and pulling out the knife and then blacking out. The other individual stated that she personally saw Morales pull the knife out multiple times that night and also saw Silva and Morales arguing, and that Morales had the knife out again and then the two were on the floor. She also said that there was blood on the floor.
Sgt. Lopez informed Officer Mark to place Morales under arrest and she was transported to the Texas County Detention Center without any further inciden


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