USD 489 Covid-19 Information for Fall 2021

Joe Denoyer - August 26, 2021 1:41 pm

USD 480


USD 480 requests that any staff member or student who tests positive for Covid-19  or becomes a close contact (within 6 feet for 10 minutes or more) to a positive case please notify the school nurse immediately.  Anyone who tests positive or has a pending test result cannot and should not attend school.

In the event of classroom or school based contact with a positive case of Covid-19 parents will be notified via electronic messaging that a potential exposure occurred.  True close contacts will not be identified within the school setting.  Students/parents who receive the notification will be advised to monitor for symptoms of Covid-19 for 14 days.  As long as the student remains without symptoms during those 14 days, he/she may continue to attend school.  This is for classroom/school based contacts only.  Anyone who has a quarantine order from a health department due to contact outside the school or a HOUSEHOLD CONTACT CANNOT attend school during their quarantine period.  Those individuals will need a release letter from their local health department to attend school.  If you receive a message from USD480 and have questions, please contact your school office/school nurse via the main number to the school.

It is recommended that anyone who is exposed to Covid-19 wear a mask and receive a Covid-19 test on or after day 5 of the exposure.  Test results (positive or negative) via any home testing product will not be accepted for school purposes.  Any home test is recommended to be followed with a PCR test.  PCR testing is offered through Seward County Health Department and other local care providers.  If assistance is needed in finding a test location please contact your school nurse, Seward County Health Department, or your healthcare provider of choice


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