USD 480 Meets Approves Several Resolutions

Joe Denoyer - July 7, 2020 7:54 am

USD 480

The USD 480 Board of Education met Monday evening and approved several appointments. The Board appointed Erika Camacho as the USD 480 Treasurer and Scarlette Diseker as the Assistant Treasurer, Jerry Clay as Clerk and Rusty Tuman as Assistant Clerk of the Board of Education, Rick Yoxall as the USD 480 Board Attorney, and Hay Rice & Associates as the district’s Auditor for 2020-2021.

The Board also approved several Resolutions including:
Resolution A – sets the date, time and place of Board meetings for 2020-2021.

Resolution B – designates banks as depositories for the funds of the school district. All Liberal Banks

Resolution C – appoints the authorized representative of the district to direct the school lunch program. Connie Vogts

Resolution D – appoints the hearing officer for free and reduced price meal application appeals. Chad Mease

Resolution E – appoints the authorized representative of the district to direct the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS). Karla Morales

Resolution F – appoints truancy officers for each attendance center.

Resolution G – designates a school term for 2020-2021.

Resolution H – authorizes the Board Clerk to pay in advance of approval by the Board any claims against said district that provides for a discount for early payment of any claim in advance of approval by the Board.

Resolution I – designates the school district employee responsible for coordinating compliance efforts and the hearing officer for complaints alleging violation of Title IX. Renae Hickert

Resolution J – authorizes the establishment of petty cash funds and who will administer them.

Resolution K – rescinds all policy statements found in the minutes prior to June 2019 and adoption of the policy handbook as amended and kept by the Superintendent to govern this school district during the 2020-2021 school year.

Resolution L – establishes the mileage allowance rate for privately owned conveyances used for official school district purposes. 57.5 cents/mile

Resolution M – adopts the district’s organizational chart for 2020-2021.

Resolution N – appoints Board representatives to committees/councils.

Resolution O – designates the official publication for the district. Leader and Times

Resolution P – appoints a freedom of information officer. Kristyn Reust and Renae Hickert

Resolution Q – designates district administrators.

Resolution R – resolution to waive GAAP requirements.

Resolution S – appoints a hearing officer for a student’s appeal of a suspension or expulsion.

Resolution T – appoints a purchasing agent for the district. Jerry Clay

Resolution U – appoints an emergency safety interventions appeals officer. Vicki Adams

Also approved was the Food Procurement Plan for 2020-2021.


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