USD 480 Board Meets in a Special Meeting

Joe Denoyer - November 18, 2020 10:50 am

USD 480

The USD 480 Board of Education met Wednesday morning in a special meeting. The Board approved the execution of the Project Closeout Plan Agreement with ESP pending final legal approval. This includes:

In summary, ESP agrees to the following:

-Completion of all original contract obligations

-Issue a deductive change order to the district in the amount of $38,495.58

-Provide project documentation per contract

-Provide final Lean release

USD 480 agrees to:

-Pay $365,064.02

-Utilize the deductive change order to complete the remaining three units at LHS directly with Dean Norris(to be discussed on next agenda item)

-Wave liquidated damages

-Complete project documentation

Also approved by the Board was a deductive change order in the amount of $38,495.58 to allow the district to complete HVAC work on their own working directly with the original contractor, Dean E. Norris, and close out the performance contract project.

The COVID Discussion was passed by the Board, as was Graduation Requirements.

The Resoultion passed states that all credit requirements above and beyond the minimum required credits set by the Kansas State Department of Education, which were adopted in 1997 (revised 2016), be suspended for the graduating class of 2021. Students must meet all standards set out in K.A.R. 91-31-35, unless otherwise modified by the Kansas State Board of Education or the Kansas State Department of Education, to qualify for graduation in May 2021


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