USD 480 Board meets, Approves SchoolDude

Joe Denoyer - September 20, 2021 7:31 pm

USD 480

The USD 480 Board of Education met Monday evening at 6:30pm at Eisenhower Middle School. At the meeting, the Board approved  the quote from SchoolDude in the amount of $19,703.02.

This program will allow the District to:

-Track assets such as HVAC equipment, including maintenance costs, replacement forecast/scheduling, repair frequency, etc.

-Track assets via barcodes, scan via an ap on your phone, track tasks, time, notes, frequency, etc.

-Build projects, to include capital planning, forecasting and budgeting

-Provide a process for facility improvement requests (separate from maintenance items).  For example, a teacher/coach could put in a request to remodel a space, upgrade an area, etc.  the request can then be routed for approval to the building admin, district administration, facility committee, etc.

This system will allow the District to “warehouse” requests.  For example, a request is put in, denied at any level, it stays in the system, if it comes up again at a later date we can bring up the history of those requests.

Requestors will be able to follow their request within the system to see approvals, comments, etc.


With this program it allows to build in future projects for planned replacements, HVAC, roofs, flooring, etc. that will allow the District to determine a projected life cycle, determine what year the project will need to completed the and be able to forecast  capital outlay expenses for repeat or planned projects.

Also approved was the ClassLink subscription in the amount of $46,860.00 for 3 year and the renewal of the GoGuardian subscription in the amount of $15,000.00 for 1 year.

In regards to the property at 624 N. Grant, Custom Construction LLC has made a contract addendum.

The price now approved is $120,000 with this contract  contingent upon buyer receiving a special use permit for the City of Liberal.



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