USD 480 Board Meets, Approves Purchases

Joe Denoyer - February 24, 2020 8:32 pm

USD 480

The USD 480 Board of Education met on Monday evening for their regularly scheduled meeting. The Board approved Navigation Prepared for the District. Navigate Prepared is an application that can provide a common platform to district staff to utilize during drills and emergency situations.
It provides a suite of emergency preparedness tools as well as a platform to communicate with users during an event.

Key features include:

-Student information synced from Power School to allow for up to date class rosters

-Reunification information by student

-Emergency plans, maps and resources in one spot

-Resources for emergency situations in the hands of all staff members

-Training scenarios

-Threat Assessment Tool

Also, for information purposes the Board heard proposed  changes in the Certified and Classified Handbook and the Student Handbook.

The Board approved the purchase of three buses for the District. Theses include:

-One 27 Passenger SPED Bus with wheel chair lift, replacement bus

-Two 77 passenger Buses, one replacement and one addition

All three to be purchased through the state bid, not to exceed $285,000.00

The USD 480 Board approved Network Infrastructure Equipment of the following items: Switches in the amount of $97,465.44 from Mvation, Access Points in the amount of $58,741.80 from SHI and Battery Backups in the amount of $58,429.00 from ISG.


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