Seward County Commission to Meet, Review Compensation Plan

Joe Denoyer - February 17, 2020 3:18 pm

The Seward County Commission is scheduled to meet Tuesday evening at 5:30pm in the County Commission Chambers of the Administration Building.

Back before the Commission will be Resolution 2020, the Compensation Plan. If approved the plan would:

  • Allow for Seward County to continue to be fair and equitable with compensation to its employees.
  • Provides the County with a PayScale outlining what Minimum, MidPoint, and Max pay would be for each position depending on their grade. See exhibit A.
  • The proposed plan also provides for a formal process for establishing new positions, positions changes such as grade and/or title changes, initial wages for new hires, and raises.

Also before the Commissioners is a Facility Fee Waiver Application for “That” Liberal Band’s Annual Fish fry. Date of the Fish Fry is March 27th.

The Commission will also consider the KDOT Local Road Safety Plan and a Lease Agreement for a Black and White Copier/Printer for the WIC Program.


The Sheriff Department is also asking the Commission to consider a Pay review. In order to remain competitive with a tight labor market and to help alleviate recruitment and retention rates for certain positions, Seward County Sheriff is asking the Administration to review the pay for two positions that have the most turnover in his department. Those two positions are Deputy Sheriffs and Detentions Officers. In review of the data gathered, a recommendation has been made to increase the wages of Deputy Sheriff’s to a starting base wage of $20.00/hr and for Detentions officers to the base wage of $15.00/hr.  Last year when Seward County contracted with The Arnold Group, in their findings they found that some of the County’s highest turnover positions is in the Sheriff’s Department. The Human Resource Department is seeking to deviate from the compensation plan in order to address the pay increases in order to stay competitive in the tight labor market.


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