The Seward County Commission will meet Monday evening for their regularly scheduled meeting. Among the items on the agenda is the JCAPS FY21 Carryover Reimbursements budget. There is a total of $81,791.11 ($70,518.54 – JISP fees; $11,272.57 – IIP fees) that has been allocated for hospitality, equipment, supplies, facility improvements, and client services.

Commissioners will receive an update on the pandemic and review guidelines set in July limiting size of gatherings at Fairgrounds Complex and the the State has been provided direction in proceeding with the Direct Aid Spending Plan and Reimbursements. iParametrics will walk the Commission through what the next steps will be.

Commissioners will consider hiring the Liberal Area Coalition for Families Approve hiring of LACF to assist with the outreach and coordination of the COVID-19 Household Emergency Relief Program., and will consider the proposed contract for the audit of Seward County, Kansas with Hay, Rice, and Associates in the amount of $46,700.00.