The Seward County Commission met Monday evening and appointed Ada Linenbroker as Chairman and Randy Malin as Vice Chair.

The Board of County Commissioners approved to waive the gathering limit restrictions for the multi-parcel absolute auction to be held at the Liberal Conference Center on February 18, 2021, and the Recreation Centers Adult Prom at the same facility, approved the Household Relief funds and the Commissioners approved the continued services of iParametrics to administer and facilitate the closeout of the CRF Funding from the State of Kansas.

Discussion was held concerning the roofing projects in the county and the Commission decided to table it until contracts can be drawn up. The Commissioners approved the Noxious Weed Agreement with KDOT.

Sealed bids were received until 10:00 am on Jan. 14, 2021 for a 1995 Ranco Belly Dump 21-40 trailer with Clarence Jenkins bid of $7,595.00 being accepted and Thurman Brown  was appointed to the Planning and Zoning Board.

In the matter of opening County Facilities, Commissioners adopted approved opening County Facilities with mask mandates and size limitations determined by department heads, approved Jury Trials, however moved to keep the Fairgrounds Complex closed until at least March the 8th.

Also the Commission voted to extend the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency to December 31st, 2021, with the understanding they may revoke it at any time.

The Commission also approved the County Fee Schedule for 2021 and the Portfolio Reports.

In the Matter of the Lot Split waiver the Commission sent it back to the Planning and Zoning Board for further review.

County Counsel Nathan Foreman informed the Commission he would be re-entering private practice, but would do work for Seward County on a contractual basis. The Commission will be working withr. Foreman to negotiate the contract.