SCCC Kicks Off Fall Semester

Joe Denoyer - August 23, 2017 4:12 pm

Students at Seward County Community College have kicked off the fall semester with enrollment wrapping up this week. Classes began Aug. 15.
Vice President of Student Services Celeste Donovan said the year is off to a good start.
“During the summer, we get a lot of work done on campus to prepare, but one of my favorite times of year is when the students come back, and we see them in the hallways and classrooms, and in the dorms,” she said. “We’re off to a good start for the academic year. I can tell the students are excited, and our team is excited about the year.”
Registrar Alaina Rice agreed.
“We’ve seen a lot of new, excited faces, and we’re excited that students are excited to be here,” she said.
Director of Student Life Wade Lyon said the social activities his office planned and presented during the first week help fuel the sense of optimism.
“We had good turnout for everything,” he said. “The community fair was good. The idea is to build relationships and get the new students connected with somebody, whether it’s a club or an organization in the community. People come for all kinds of reasons, to promote their business, set up bank accounts, find a job.” Lyon’s favorite detail of the evening event?
“We had churches that brought in cookies. Kids always love those, that’s what it’s all about,” Lyon said. “After all, this is their home for the new year or two.”
On the academic side, the registrar’s office continues to handle paperwork this week for class changes, and Rice said it’s of critical importance for students to take care of any loose ends this week.
“The changes students can make to their schedules will require instructor approval, and advisor approval on a case-by-case basis,” Rice said. “If they need to do something like that, they should start early because they’re already behind. They will have to get caught up on material from last week.”
Another important detail: Classes can’t be switched after this week, even if a student wishes to take the same subject during a different time period.
Donovan emphasized the deadlines are set up to give students the best opportunity for success.
“We have these systems in place to ensure that our students will have a successful semester,” she said. “Our Welcome Week activities are designed to get the students connected with each other and the community, and our academic and advising system is designed to put them on the path to success.”
As the semester continues, Donovan said, an “early alert” system gives students who find their classes on the challenging side a heads-up about their grades while there is time to take advantage of tutoring services.
“We’re looking forward to a great year,” she said, “and having a great year means that if a student encounters a challenge, they can feel comfortable asking for help, and receiving it.”


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