SCCC Foundation, Seward County Helps with Technology Upgrade

Joe Denoyer - January 20, 2021 4:02 pm

LIBERAL – As the COVID pandemic continues, so does the reliance on technology. The need to keep safe while still being able to meet was a matter of importance. Thanks to the Seward Count Community College Foundation, the campus now has a dedicated “smart” conference room.

According to Kyle Woodrow, SCCC chief development office, the Foundation applied for a “Respond and Recovery” grant from Seward County to be used for COVID relief funds and received $19,928.

“As a result of COVID, many functions like board meetings and presentations were severely limited,” Woodrow said. “We didn’t have a space on campus suitable for hybrid meetings where people could be spaced safely and others could join virtually. Since the room we updated is used mostly for our board meetings, trustee meetings, and other foundation activities that support the college and community, it seemed an appropriate use of the grant if we could get it and would allow us to have a space for meetings equipped with remote technology.”

The room, located next to the Foundation office, upstairs in the SCCC student union, has been transformed into a “smart room” with fixed cameras, sound bars and microphones, a new screen and projection and most importantly, a one-touch system controlled through a new computer. The project was finished last month.

“It’s an exciting space that can be used not only for our purposes, but really for anyone on campus needing to use a “smart” room,” Woodrow said.


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