Police Chief Cutshall Issues Statement on Property Crimes

Joe Denoyer - November 5, 2021 11:57 am

I would like to take an opportunity to thank the members of the community and the officers of the Liberal Police Department for coming together to make a difference in reducing property crimes. This is what community policing is about, working together to solve problems before a crime occurs. These positive results can only occur with the continued teamwork between the community and the police. Please continue to call us if you notice suspicious activity in your neighborhood so it can be monitored before a crime happens. 


Please remember to secure your valuables and cars during the upcoming holiday season. 


Thank you again community members and officers of Liberal. 


Stats are Jan 1 through October 31. 


Type                2021        2020        2019        2018        2017

Commercial Burglaries        4        7        9        16        12

Residential Burglaries        17        28        24        46        52

Vehicle Burglaries        18        43        42        55        75

Auto Thefts            15        16        23        24        24


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