Pancake Day and Politics mix well in an Election Year

KSCB News - February 17, 2010 12:00 am

It was obvious during Pancake Day weekend that it is an election year in the state of Kansas as state politicians saw an opportunity to get their name and message out there as many were in attendance at Pancake Day festivities on Monday and Tuesday.

United States Senator Sam Brownback who is the favorite to become the next Governor of Kansas was in Liberal on Monday night for the Talent Show and on Tuesday for the breakfast. U.S. Congressman Jerry Moran who is running for Brownback’s Senate seat had his wife Robba in Liberal for the festivities Monday and Tuesday.

Robba Moran was also at the Public Reception at City Hall and was a guest on Live from Broadcast Square. Moran said she was really impressed with how Pancake Day is more like a big weekend full of fun activities and that she never realized that. When asked about her husband’s opponent Congressman Todd Tiahrt in the upcoming Senate Race Robba added that she is still a Kansan along with Jerry and that their home is still in Hays with Jerry flying back every weekend. This of course has been one of the topics debated in the Moran-Tiahrt race since Tiahrt moved his family to Washington D.C. His reasoning was that he was tired of missing out on seeing his kids in ballgames and other school activities. Moran said the reason people should vote for her husband is his strong commitment to Kansas and his conservative values that have always been strong.

Kansas State Treasurer Dennis McKinney was also at the Public Reception and appeared on Live from Broadcast Square. McKinney and his office brought a computer system with them and offered the public a chance to check and see if they had any unclaimed property or money owed to them. McKinney’s office had the system set up at City Hall for most of the morning. McKinney added that while the economy has been tough as of late that it does seem to be recovering a little bit in Kansas.

Former three-term Salina Mayor Alan Jilka was also at the Public Reception and was a guest on the radio. Jilka is the only Democrat filed so far in the race for U.S Congress. Jilka talked about the need to properly handle immigration and the borders. Jilka also talked about health care and mentioned how his premium sky rocked just this month for 2010 and that both parties need to find a way to put their bipartisanship aside and work out a good health care plan for America.

Locally, Mayor Joe Denoyer and City Commissioner Bob Carlile also made appearances. Denoyer spoke about his past of running in the pancake race. Carlile talked some about his first year back on to the city commission. Carlile gave his fellow commissioners and the city staff including Mark Hall a lot of credit for what he called a great year. Carlile said this commission has gotten more done in one year then the last commission he was on did in four. Carlile also was very complimentary to the people who work so hard to make sure Pancake Day goes smoothly.

The 2010 Census was also at Pancake Day festivities and talked with Live from Broadcast Square offering job opportunities for people looking for jobs to help complete the 2010 Census. The 2010 Census representatives made it very clear how important it is for Liberal that people turn in the census forms mailed to them. It will make the city of Liberal more money according to one census worker.


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