Ochiltree County Jail Corrections Officers Save Inmate’s Life

KSCB News - September 22, 2021 4:15 pm

by: Jason Britsch


As you can imagine it has a tendency to turn your nerves on end but it’s something that we train for,” said Ochiltree County Jail Captain Tom Morris.

Morris on the life-or-death situation he and fellow corrections officer Nick Durfey encountered at the Ochiltree County Jail back on August 31st.

It all started when an inmate’s roommate called on the intercom to tell officers to come to check on him.

Found him in an awkward position and obviously in distress. I used my radio and called for assistance, called for an ambulance and called for the defibrillator just in case. I went in and he had no pulse, was not breathing,” said Morris.

Morris immediately started CPR and soon after that is when Durfey showed up with the defibrillator.

We delivered a shock just as the EMTs were coming into the building. They had a really good, quick response time that day. I delivered a shock then I continued compressions until the medics got their equipment in order,” said Morris.

After that initial shock, Morris said they got a pulse from the inmate who later regained consciousness at the hospital. The inmate was later discharged and released back to the Ochiltree County Jail the next day.


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