Newly Created Citizen Group to Meet with Liberal Police Department

Joe Denoyer - May 11, 2020 10:11 am

Newly created citizen group to meet with police.
The Liberal Police Department is activating a community policing plan which includes; sector policing for better communication for residents, community and neighborhood events sponsored by the police department, community walks by police administration, more in-depth Facebook posts amongst other community related tasks.

One of those other tasks involve implementing a citizens group that will consist of five residents with the purpose of meeting with the police to discuss neighborhood police related issues.

The five-member group along with the police administration will discuss the neighborhood issues and work on solutions together during their monthly meetings while tracking the progress. Members of this group can provide citizens another way to voice their concerns about on-going neighborhood issues that the police and members can work on solutions together.

In an earlier interview Chief Cutshall stated “Improving the relationship between the community and the police is required to be successful in solving issues and reducing crime. This group is the voice of the community and we need to form a partnership with residents in order to accomplish these goals.”

The names and contact information for the five-member group will be announced soon. The first meeting for the group is on the agenda for June.

For further please contact Officer Nancy Jimenez or the police chief.


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