Liberal’s Foster and Cerda are 1st Team All WAC

Brock Kappelmann - November 5, 2021 11:59 am

2021 WAC Championship Team Standings

Team Points
1 Garden City 30
2 Dodge City 34
3 Liberal 78
4 Hays 98
5 Great Bend N/S

All-WAC Boys Cross Country

First Team
Kaiden Esfeld Great Bend
Devin Chappel Garden City
Kailyn Munoz Garden City
Martin Marquez Dodge City
M.J. Foster Liberal
Second Team
Mathew Banuelos Dodge City
David Ultreras Dodge City
Danny Lamas Dodge City
Evan Gurrola Garden City
Taran Castro Garden City

Boys Runner of the Year: Kaiden Esfeld, Great Bend
Boys Coach of the Year: Krista Linenberger, Garden City

2021 WAC Championship Team Standings

Team Points
1 Great Bend 27
2 Dodge City 54
3 Hays 81
4 Garden City 89
5 Liberal 119

All-WAC Girls Cross Country

First Team
Serenity Larson Dodge City
Marissa Boone Great Bend
Diane Alvarez Great Bend
Daniela Cerda Liberal
Addy Nicholson Great Bend
Second Team
Ashley Alonso Dodge City
Cate Wiese Garden City
Emma Loomis Great Bend
Eliana Beckham Great Bend
Alex Gere Dodge City

Runner of the Year: Serenity Larson, Dodge City
Girls WAC Coach of the Year: Brian Lenz, Dodge City


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