Liberal Wrestling Competes in Colby

Brock Kappelmann - December 16, 2019 6:48 am

Liberal Wrestling Results

Colby Duals

Liberal Competed in the Colby Eagle Invitational Duals over the weekend. Liberal took 11th place going 3-4 in the duals combined. Liberal will next compete at Ulysses on Dec 19th

Dual Results

Liberal 42 Hutch 37

Liberal 30 Topeka Seaman 42

Liberal 14 Colby 54

Liberal 30 Phillipsburg 43

Liberal 61 Hinkley 14

Liberal 21 Hays 48

Liberal 39 Goodland 36

Individual Results

Weight-Name-Grade-Tournament Record-Overall Record

106- Damien Duran-11-(1-2)-(1-5)

Justin Kruse (Topeka-Seaman) over Damien Duran (Liberal) Fall 5:34

Theo Keesee (Phillipsburg) over Damien Duran (Liberal) Dec 10-7

DJ Knox (Goodland Cowboys) over Damien Duran (Liberal) Fall 0:00

Damien Duran (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

106-Dennis Duran-11-(2-2)-(2-2)

Damien Duran (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Damien Duran (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Dennis Duran (Liberal) over Colton Lane (Hays) Fall 3:56

113-Gaspar Falcon-10-(3-4)-(5-6)

Aiden Cook (Colby High School) over Gaspar Falcon (Liberal) Maj 9-0

Zach Boucher (Topeka-Seaman) over Gaspar Falcon (Liberal) Fall 3:03

Jordan Zimmerman (Hays) over Gaspar Falcon (Liberal) Dec 6-0

Gaspar Falcon (Liberal) over Geron Ebner (Phillipsburg) Fall 1:03

Octavio Gonzalez (Goodland Cowboys) over Gaspar Falcon (Liberal) Dec 4-3

Gaspar Falcon (Liberal) over Jose Cardenas (Hinkley) Maj 14-1

Gaspar Falcon (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

120-Irving Mendez-10-(6-1)-(7-3)

Tyler Voss (Colby High School) over Irving Mendez (Liberal) Dec 4-2

Irving Mendez (Liberal) over Austin Lady (Topeka-Seaman) Fall 0:35

Irving Mendez (Liberal) over Aaron Weigel (Hays) Dec 8-5

Irving Mendez (Liberal) over Alex Minkler (Phillipsburg) Fall 0:45

Irving Mendez (Liberal) over Devon Rickard (Goodland Cowboys) Fall 0:00

Irving Mendez (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Irving Mendez (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) For


132-Tommy McClure-09-(2-5)-(4-7)

Kyle Adams (Topeka-Seaman) over Tommy McClure (Liberal) Dec 7-2

Dakota Pfeifer (Hays) over Tommy McClure (Liberal) Dec 5-2

Aaron Lenker (Phillipsburg) over Tommy McClure (Liberal) Maj 10-2

Tommy McClure (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Tommy McClure (Liberal) over Maslah Abdullahi (Hinkley) Dec 4-1

Dakota Douglas (Hutchinson) over Tommy McClure (Liberal) Dec 9-4

Keden Frahm (Colby High School) over Tommy McClure (Liberal) Dec 8-4

138-Cristobal Sanchez-11-(2-2)-(2-3)

Mason Hernandez (Goodland Cowboys) over Cristobal Sanchez (Liberal) Fall 0:00

Cristobal Sanchez (Liberal) over Mittchell Ngo (Hinkley) Fall 2:59

Cristobal Sanchez (Liberal) over Sean Latendresse (Topeka-Seaman) Dec 8-2

Conlee Hugunin (Phillipsburg) over Cristobal Sanchez (Liberal) UTB 3-3

138-Aldo Hernandez-10-(0-3)-(0-5)

Anthony Blackwell (Hutchinson) over Cristobal Sanchez (Liberal) Fall 5:26

Thomas Dennis (Colby High School) over Aldo Hernandez (Liberal) Fall 3:38

Jake Taliaferro (Hays) over Aldo Hernandez (Liberal) Fall 5:08

145-Trystian Juarez-09-(6-1)-(10-2)

Trystian Juarez (Liberal) over Ivan Cordova (Hinkley) Fall 1:41

Trystian Juarez (Liberal) over Damon Cantu (Hutchinson) Fall 1:03

Trystian Juarez (Liberal) over Konnor Griffin (Colby High School) Fall 3:52

Landon Willard (Topeka-Seaman) over Trystian Juarez (Liberal) Dec 4-3

Trystian Juarez (Liberal) over Trenton Werth (Hays) Fall 0:43

Trystian Juarez (Liberal) over Ben Odell (Phillipsburg) Fall 1:15

Trystian Juarez (Liberal) over Gantzen Miller (Goodland Cowboys) Fall 0:00

152-Jose Beltran-11-(3-1)-(7-2)

*Injured on the 1st day after the 1st dual, but was able to wrestle on 2nd day

Izaiah Delvalle (Hutchinson) over Jose Beltran (Liberal) Maj 15-5

Jose Beltran (Liberal) over Ashton Solis (Hinkley) Fall 2:27

Jose Beltran (Liberal) over Landon Summers (Hays) Dec 7-0

Jose Beltran (Liberal) over Kyan Ensign (Goodland Cowboys) Dec 6

160-Gerardo Morales-09-(2-5)-(2-5)

Chase Russell (Phillipsburg) over Gerardo Morales (Liberal) Fall 3:55

Blake Livengood (Goodland Cowboys) over Gerardo Morales (Liberal) Dec 11-5

Gerardo Morales (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Christian Rodriguez (Hutchinson) over Gerardo Morales (Liberal) Fall 5:26

Gerardo Morales (Liberal) over Colin Carroll (Colby High School) Dec 12-8

Dylan Williams (Topeka-Seaman) over Gerardo Morales (Liberal) Fall 1:53

Ethan Flock (Hays) over Gerardo Morales (Liberal) Fall 0:00

170-Easton Zapien-10-(4-1)-(8-1)

Alec McCuan (Hutchinson) over Easton Zapien (Liberal) Fall 2:18

Easton Zapien (Liberal) over Baily Meredith (Topeka-Seaman) Dec 4-1

Easton Zapien (Liberal) over Dalton Dale (Hays) Dec 2-1

Easton Zapien (Liberal) over Cole Wenzl (Phillipsburg) Fall 2:16

Easton Zapien (Liberal) over Caleb Duell (Goodland Cowboys) Fall 0:00

170-Javon Allen-09-(1-1)-(1-1)

Cade Lanning (Colby High School) over Javon Allen (Liberal) TF 18-1

Javon Allen (Liberal) over Jadaan Anderson (Hinkley) Fall 4:37

182-Daniel Grandez-10-(1-6)-(2-6)

Daniel Grandez (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Davontai Robinson (Hays) over Daniel Grandez (Liberal) Fall 0:00

Dominic Rudd (Phillipsburg) over Daniel Grandez (Liberal) Dec 6-5

Mason Murray (Goodland Cowboys) over Daniel Grandez (Liberal) Fall 0:00

Darien Dimas-Saturno (Hinkley) over Daniel Grandez (Liberal) Dec 6-1

Levi Allen (Hutchinson) over Daniel Grandez (Liberal) Fall 0:34

Nick Rehmer (Colby High School) over Daniel Grandez (Liberal) Fall 0:58

195-Frank Gomez-12-(2-1)-(4-3)

*Withdrew from the tournament due to injury after the 3rd match

Frank Gomez (Liberal) over Isaiah Phillips (Hutchinson) Fall 0:50

Jaxson Thomas (Topeka-Seaman) over Frank Gomez (Liberal) Fall 2:17

Frank Gomez (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

220-Jaime Arenivas-12-(5-2)-(9-3)

Declan Ryan (Colby High School) over Jaime Arenivas (Liberal) Dec 13-8

Jaime Arenivas (Liberal) over Rylan Hays (Phillipsburg) Fall 1:33

Jaime Arenivas (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Jaime Arenivas (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Jaime Arenivas (Liberal) over Jacob Ruiz (Hutchinson) Fall 5:06

Jaime Arenivas (Liberal) over Ezra Shove (Topeka-Seaman) Fall 4:39

Gavin Nutting (Hays) over Jaime Arenivas (Liberal) Fall 0:00

220-Jim Bangs-09-(3-2)-(3-2)

Jim Bangs (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Jim Bangs (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Brock Buresh (Phillipsburg) over Jim Bangs (Liberal) Fall 3:41

Jim Bangs (Liberal) over Unknown (Unattached) Fall 0:00

Rowdy Farr (Colby High School) over Jim Bangs (Liberal) Fall 0:44



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