Liberal Police to Concentrate on Accident Reduction

Joe Denoyer - June 30, 2021 3:21 pm

In an effort to reduce accidents throughout the City of Liberal, travelers can expect an increased Police presence on the streets of Liberal. A similar plan was put into place in March and reduced accidents from 64 in February, down to 32 accidents in March. A speed trailer will be placed on Kansas Avenue to help motorists recognize their speed, and allow the opportunity to self-correct their speed.

Statistics show that 75% of all accidents are caused by failure to yield the right of way, 38%, following too close, 24%, and inattentive driving, 13%. To combat these causes the Police Department encourages drivers to look both ways for oncoming traffic, cars, motorcycles, bikes, and pedestrians before turning. Keep plenty of distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you, 2-3 seconds, and keep your attention on the road.

Traffic enforcement targeted at the City’s accident hot spots will help in crash reduction.


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