Liberal Police SRO’s Assist Family in Need

Joe Denoyer - October 29, 2020 9:02 am

Liberal Police School Resource Officer’s, were contacted by a student who expressed a need for food for herself and members of her household.

When the SRO’s found out there could possibly be several weeks before State assistance could be provided, they contacted resources at the local level to meet the family’s immediate needs, while awaiting State assistance to begin. Specifically, the SRO’s were able to contact Pastor Fuller of the South Church of God in Liberal, Kansas. After explaining the need and circumstances to Pastor Fuller, The South Church of God generously partnered with the Liberal Police Department to provide two weeks of needed food until the families State Assistance kicked in and the Department of Children and Families could continue their efforts to assist the family. Liberal Police SRO’s together with USD 480 School Social Workers were able to deliver the food supplies to the residence of the family for immediate use
The Liberal Police SRO’s are, by design, involved in the school not only for safety and security, but also to partner with agencies and the community, to meet the needs of students and their families. The Liberal Police Department thanks the community members that partner with us, and USD 480, in helping to protect and to serve our community in unique and unprecedented areas.


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