Laverne Spared from Destructive Tornado

Joe Denoyer - May 24, 2019 8:18 am

A large, violent tornado ripped through the Oklahoma Panhandle Thursday evening.

The tornado entered the Oklahoma state lines at sunset. Storm trackers estimate this tornado measured about a half mile wide at its largest. The tornado was headed directly for the town of Laverne. However, the tornado appeared to have lifted before impacting the community, as it went over Laverne and the town was virtually unharmed by this violent tornado.

Unfortunately, at least one house about 6 miles north of Catesby was demolished by the storm. The tornado also stripped the trees of bark near the home.

Matt Lehenbauer with Woodward County Emergency Management says at least two houses were destroyed is SE Beaver County. Officials say there were power lines down on 270.

No reported injuries at this time are being reported by Oklahoma authorities.


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