KHP Search For Trooper Impersonator

KSCB News - July 17, 2012 12:59 pm

The Kansas Highway Patrol is searching for a driver posing as a trooper.

Someone impersonating a KHP trooper stopped a driver on K-42 in Kingman County Monday.

The suspect was driving a white Ford Crown Victoria with a light bar on top. It was marked with Highway State Trooper on the driver�??s door. The victim advised that it appeared to be painted on.

The suspect is described as a white male about 5�??10�?� tall. He wore a navy blue top and pants, and a campaign hat that had no tassel on it, but did have a hat badge on it. He had a duty belt on with a pistol, handcuffs, and a magazine holder.

KHP has troopers actively patrolling the area in hopes to find this individual. If you have seen the vehicle, or know anything, contact the Kansas Highway Patrol at *47 (*HP).

If you are stopped and question whether or not it is a trooper, KHP said look for these identifying features:

-Trooper�??s vehicles will have license plates with a radio number on the front and on the back of their cars. Turnpike trooper�??s license plates are different, but they still have the radio number on the front license plate.

-Troopers have a badge with their radio number and name.

-If you�??re still in doubt, you can call 911, or reach KHP dispatch at *47 (*HP) for KHP and *582 (*KTA) for Kansas Turnpike.


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