KDHE Enacting New Guidelines on Self-Serve Foods/Drinks

Joe Denoyer - April 3, 2020 4:09 pm

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment is enacting new guidelines for convenience stores and other establishments.

On Friday, the health department said there will no longer be self-serviced unpackaged food.

Pre-packaged food in hot or cold holding units that is accessible to the public for self-dispensing is allowed.

There is no longer self-serve coffee pots, store employees must pour the coffee for the customer.

Self-serve fountain drink stations and self-dispensing beverage machines are not allowed. Drinks must be dispensed by food-handling employees and new cups must be used every time (no reuse of cups and no cups brought from home).

Health officials say condiments normally found in a self-service bar must be packaged by employees and given to patrons with food (salsa, onions, salad dressings, hot dog/hamburger fixings, etc). Individual unwrapped utensils will not be available to customers. Employees will provide utensils with food. Lids and straws, including individually wrapped straws,will not be self-serve, they’ll be handed out by employees.


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