Huelskamp Files For Re-election

KSCB News - May 13, 2014 2:04 pm

Tim Huelskamp filed for re-election to Congress in the Big First District of Kansas. Huelskamp submitted the necessary paperwork with the Kansas Secretary of State in Topeka.

"Each week I return home to my wife and four children in Kansas – because my family, my heart, my home, and my farm are in Kansas, not Washington D.C.," said Huelskamp. "As I have traveled across the Big First District of Kansas conducting 238 Town Hall meetings, I have heard time and again from Kansans who are tired of the wasteful spending, burdensome over-regulations and incompetence of the Obama Administration."

Huelskamp added that he has led by example on the issue of spending, returning more than $342,000 in savings to the U.S. Treasury since coming to Congres s. According to independent analyses, he has one of the most fiscally-responsible voting records of any member of Congress. "Kansans are deeply concerned about the massive $17.5 trillion debt and out-of-control spending of this Administration, and I will continue this critical fight to get Washington spending under control."

"We have been successful in stopping some burdensome over-regulations, like the Department of Labor rule that would have prevented most farm kids from working on most family farms," said Huelskamp. "But every day the threat of government red tape worsens as Obama’s bureaucrats now want to regulate cow gas, farm ponds and private property in an unprecedented assault on rural America and our way of life."

Huelskamp has been at the forefront of efforts to expose the incompetences and failures of Washington politicians and bureaucrats. Whether it is leading the charge on his Veterans Affairs Committee to get Veterans the care they deserve, successfully demanding investigations into the Benghazi and IRS scandals, highlighting the massive invasion of privacy by the NSA, fighting to protect the religious liberties of all Americans, or taking on the failed ObamaCare program, Huelskamp believes that "we must hold President Obama accountable for the incompetence, failures and corruption of his Administration."

Huelskamp is a Republican from Fowler, Kansas. He represents the First Congressional District of Kansas (also known as the "Big First"). Congressman Huelskamp remains a strong advocate for his constituents in the Big First and has emerged as a top conservative leader in Washington, fighting for Kansas values even if it means challenging party insiders and special interests inside the Beltway. His principled stands against wasteful government spending, out-of-control debt, and runaway over-regulation — and for traditional marriage, protection of the unborn and our rural way of life has earned him strong continued support at home, where it matters.


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