Huelskamp Discusses His Victory with KSCB News

KSCB News - August 5, 2010 12:00 am

Republican nominee for a spot in the U.S. House of Representatives Tim Huelskamp talked with KSCB News on Thursday about his victory Tuesday. Huelskamp defeated Jim Barnett, Tracey Mann, and three others by double digits.

Huelskamp attributed his victory to his voting record.

“What it came down to is I was the one with a proven record in this race,” Huelskamp said.

He also mentioned that he feels that his farming and ranching background in agriculture helped since people tend to look for someone with real life experiences.

Huelskamp also gave a personal thank you to those who supported him in Western Kansas, where he is a State Senator. Huelskamp received 62% of the vote in Seward County, with Jim Barnett coming in second with 19%

“I just want to thank the folks in Seward County and the surrounding areas that did a fantastic job of turning out and supporting our candidacy, and recognizing the first district is huge and the closer we can have a guy or gal closer to our home, I think it makes a difference. It’s a long way from here to the other end of the first district, but I think we’ll do a great job of not just representing Southwest Kansas, but the other corners of the district in Washington,” Huelskamp said.

“We’re always honored and humbled by the support of the folks in our area. They place their trust in us to fight for the constitution and our way of life. We are going to do that. It’s a real honor to be selected as the nominee. I think we’ll do great this fall. We are looking ahead, but the real battle is not in the campaigns, the real battle will be in Washington, despite what ??s happening with this administration and the liberals in the U.S. Congress. ”

Huelskamp also addressed thousands of phone calls that originated from California on election eve. The calls pretended to be a representative from Huelskamp’s campaign in an attempt to smear him by stating negative views that are not his. Huelskamp said the calls were false and illegal and a desperate last second tactic that came from one of his opponents. The number of calls made across the ‘Big First’ was possibly up to 70,000 according to Huelskamp. The matter has been turned over to the Kansas Attorney General’s office.

Some of Huelskamp’s critics over the years have accused him of not being able to get along with other legislators. Huelskamp responded by saying that politicians in Washington have gotten along, and for far to long.

“With $13 trillion in deficits, I think far to long the folks in Washington have got along. They have spent money, especially in the earmark process. “You help my earmark, and I’ll help yours.” That is the kind of getting along that I don’t think we need. We need someone who is going to stand on principal and stand up and fight for rural America because we get lost in that shuffle and the Constitution gets lost as well,” Huelskamp said.

After Tuesday’s victory, Huelskamp will now take a little time off to relax with his family and re-charge before hitting the campaign trail again for his race in the general election in November against Democrat Alan Jilka. Jilka was unopposed in his primary. Huelskamp said he looks forward to the campaign because he and Jilka have different views and vision for America including Jilka’s support for Obama’s health care law, deficit spending, amnesty, and cap and trade.

Huelskamp’s full interview will air on ‘Live from Broadcast Square’ on Monday morning at 9:06 a.m. on 1270 AM and right here on


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