Guymon Police Investigating Check Fraud

KSCB News - July 2, 2012 10:39 pm

The Guymon Police Department is investigating passible check fraud in Guymon. A cashier�??s check, drawn on CitiBank, and remitted by Delaney Meeting and Event Management.
Bank of the Panhandle called and spoke with Delaney group, and they said there is an investigation for check fraud. Checks are being delivered in the mail to people, and people are trying to deposit or cash them.
�??This is a fraud and the checks are bogus,�?� said Guymon Lt. Detective Jason Bond. �??We would like to notify the public that if they receive one of these check in the mail from CitiBank and remitted by Delaney Meeting and Event Management not to go and cash the check without having the check verified.�?�
If anyone has any questions please contact the Guymon police department at 338-6525.


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