FIRE WARNING: Mandatory Evacuation Order for Beaver, Forgan

Brock Kappelmann - March 7, 2020 1:44 pm

Update at 5:35 pm:  Black Hawk helicopters will help fight the fire.  According to Liberal Fire Chief Kelly Kirk, the Oklahoma National Guard choppers will arrive at the Liberal airport to fill with water, then fly to the fire scene.

Wildfires in Beaver County pose danger to Beaver County.  A MANDATORY EVACUATION ORDER is given for Beaver and Forgan, according to Donovan Smith, Tyrone assistant fire chief.  Sirens are sounding at 1:30 pm Saturday.  According to the National Weather Service in Amarillo as of 2:12 pm: Fire Warning for fire southwest of Beaver.  According to the Beaver County Sheriff Department, reports of structures on fire in the Beaver area have come in.  The Beaver Emergency Management Agency reports more than one residence in the city of Beaver has burned.  There has been reported fire damage to the Beaver High School football field and the Beaver baseball diamond.  Beaver Emergency Management reports the fire continues to approach the Forgan area.

Strike teams are fighting the fires; firefighters from multiple locations in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas are on the scene, along with personnel from the Kansas Forestry Service.  Fire departments from Beaver, Forgan, Turpin, and numerous other locations have been called out to this fire.

Information being sent out at the request of the Beaver Emergency Management Agency in Beaver, Oklahoma:  According to the National Weather Service in Amarillo, a large wildfire approaches from the southwest of the area.  Also according to the NWS, residents of that area of Beaver County near Highway 23 and County Road E-W  21 are “strongly encouraged” to evacuate.  This information issued shortly before Tyrone assistant fire chief Smith announced the mandatory evacuation order.

Dan Cox, pastor of Turpin Baptist Church, has announced that Turpin Baptist Church is open for anyone who wishes to evacuate to that location.  The church is on Hill Street in Turpin;  phone 580 778 3314.


Information from KVII, ABC 7 Amarillo, contributed to this report.


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