Cruz Wins Seward County Republican Caucus, Statewide Numbers

KSCB News - March 5, 2016 7:29 pm

Seward County Republican Party Caucus Results

Cruz 381 53.3%

Trump 190 26.8%

Rubio 79 11.14%

Kasich 51 7.2%

Carson 5 .7%

Fiorina 2 .28%

Bush 1 .14%

Provisional 58

TOPEKA, KS: After a long day of incredible turnout we are proud to release the initial results from the Kansas Republican Presidential Caucus. It was conducted at 102 sites in Kansas and one in StLouis.

We would like to thank our wonderful volunteers who persevered through difficulties and to our voters for their patience and willingness to to participate. We would also like to thank Senator Jerry Moran’s campaign team for their incredible support of our Caucus efforts.

These numbers below are initial and subject to change as provisional and advanced ballots are added to the totals, although the delegate count, which is the end product of this process is, unlikely to change – at most one up or down.

Over 81,000 people sought to vote in the Kansas Republican Caucus. The turnout in 2012 was about 30,000. Some locations saw an increase of 4 to 5 times their 2012 turnout.

The statewide initial results:

Cruz: 35,207

Trump: 17,062

Rubio: 12,189

Kasich: 7,795

Carson: 511

Bush: 78

Fiorina: 32

Uncommitted: 242

Provisional Ballots: ~6,200: these will be moved to the state party office, from caucus sites and the staff will determine which of these ballots should be counted, and the vote total added to the initial numbers. Provisional ballots usually break out the same as counted votes

Absentee Ballots: 3,014 advanced ballot were requested and sent out. Approximately 500 have been returned with many more expected in the next week. The cut off was to be post marked on or before March 5. These ballots will be counted next week.

St Louis Operation: About 600 votes cast. They will be returned to the topeka office and counted next week.

Delegate Allocation: Without going through the details of our allocation formula, here is the unofficial delegate allocation:

KS has 40 Delegates Total

  • Cruz: 24 delegates
  • Trump: 9 delegates
  • Rubio: 6 delegates
  • Kasich: 1 delegates


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