The numbers released by the KDHE, Seward County Health Department, and surrounding Counties for Wednesday December 9th show Seward County has had 3253 individuals test results have come back positive for Coronavirus. 2707 Individuals have recovered from COVID 19 with 13 deaths reported.

Southwest Medical reports current hospitalizations at 22 which includes out of county residents being treated at SWMC. Total active cases in Seward County are 546.

Around the area, Stevens County has 469 positives, 436 recovered, and 5 deaths. Haskell County 309 positives, 270 recovered, and 1 death,  Grant County has 845 positive 763 recovered, and 12 deaths, Meade County has 341 positives 312 have recovered, and 4 deaths, Stanton County has 154 positives 135 recovered, and 2 deaths Ford County has 4,864 positive cases, and Finney County has 4,459 positive cases. Beaver County 244 positives, 209 recovered, and 2 deaths, Texas County has 2582 positive tests with 2371 recoveries and 13 deaths.