Community Needs Assessment for CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund

Joe Denoyer - July 16, 2020 4:59 pm

Seward County, Kansas is receiving $6,419,281.00 in Coronavirus Relief Funds (“CRF”) from
the State of Kansas through the Federal CARES Act. Seward County will use these funds to
support its local communities by addressing their immediate health and economic needs and by
leveraging these investments to create a better, stronger, future.

The State of Kansas has structured the distribution of these CRF monies in three phases. This is
Phase I. Within the county allocation, the board of county commissioners will distinguish
between funds used as Reimbursement and funds used as Direct Aid. Reimbursement is for
qualifying expenditures already made by public taxing entities. These qualifying expenditures
must be directly caused by COVID-19 and must meet the guidelines set by the state’s SPARK
Taskforce and the Federal Department of Treasury.

The Direct Aid plan—funded by the remaining county allotment not distributed as
reimbursements–will be developed by the board of county commissioners and will support the
needs of local businesses, organizations, and individuals. In order for the County to best identify
areas of need, please go to and click on the online survey links for
both business owners and community members. The results of the surveys will then be used by
the Seward County Commission to target the use of the funds.

Reimbursements to public entities in Seward County are eligible through December 30, 2020.
The Direct Aid plan must be submitted for approval to the State of Kansas by August 15, 2020.
Phase II and Phase III will be overseen by the State of Kansas and the SPARK Taskforce. These
phases will include additional financial support for public and private entities as well as
investments to ensure that our state is prepared for future health challenges.

Further information can be found on the county’s website. Questions and comments should be
directed by email to [email protected]


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