Commissioner Jacob Issues Statement on Resignation

Joe Denoyer - December 18, 2017 7:46 pm

It has been my privilege to live in Seward County and the surrounding area for the last 10 years 
and 5 months. I have been able to work with sports on television and radio, have served and 
chaired various boards, Ministerial Alliance, Chamber, and have been able to serve as a chaplain 
at Southwest Medical Center for many years and as a Seward County Commissioner for the last 
It is bittersweet for me to announce that I have accepted a call to First Baptist Church of Walters, 
Oklahoma and will be relocating to that town 25 south and east of Lawton. As such as of 11:59 
PM, December 31, 2017, I am resigning as a Seward County Commissioner. As I will no longer 
reside in Seward County, I am disqualified from service and would be derelict in my duties if ‭I ‬
tried to stay simply because I have not sold my house. 
I have valued my time in Seward County. In the year that I have served, I have a learned a lot. I 
have asked tons of questions and have gotten a range of answers that have led to my personal 
education and assisted me in serving as a County Commissioner. As I reflect on the lessons I 
have learned, a few stand out above the rest. 
First, what makes this a great place to live and work are the people. There are many people in 
this county who care deeply about the county, even beyond what they personally benefit from. 
There are many people who go above and beyond their normal duties to contribute to the 
greatness of this land. Many of them work for Seward County. I have served with some of them 
and have watched others work from a distance, but I have been amazed. They truly approach 
their jobs as much more than that. They have taught me much about what the county does and 
helped me to see that most of the success we enjoy as a county is due to our amazing workers. 
Second, there are a number of citizens who, although they do not run for office, care deeply 
about the outcomes of government. They are vocal in their proffered assistance because they 
care and want to make a contribution to our future. They want to raise their children, 
grandchildren and others here, so they want to help the elected officials see what they cannot see. 
Third, the people of Seward County are more than just neighbors. Whether it is responding to 
help the fire department, feeding firemen, assisting people ‭to‬ remove storm debris, helping 
neighbors replace flooded items, or just cheering on the local sports teams together. Seward 
County is a special place that I have enjoyed calling home and will always consider myself as ‭a ‬
part of it. 
Lastly, I would like to thank the voters who put me in office. It wasn’t like you had any other 
choice, since I ran unopposed, but many of you have encouraged me, educated me, and corrected 
me when necessary. I have been thanked, cajoled, praised, criticized, greeted, shouted at, 
honored, hung up on, embraced and ignored. And all as it should be. Thank you for the chance 
to serve you all. For the next person that comes along to fill the open slot in District 5, I offer a 
few words of advi‭ce. Not because I know anything, actually because I don’t. First, ask ‬
questions. Ask questions you want to know the answers to and ask questions that you think 
others will want the answers to. Next, read everything you are given. Don’t rely solely on ‭the ‬
snippets of information you think you know. Next, use the wealth of knowledge of April, the 
Department Heads, and your fellow commissioners. They know a lot and you don’t need to 
think that you have to learn it all on your own. April is amazing and a tremendous asset. She is 
professional and strategic and visioning and trustworthy. Believe in her. Lastly, never forget 
that the people who trusted you with this office are the ones you represent. Do what you do and 
ask what you ask and dream what you dream because it will help them and not just you. 
I will continue to pray for the county and the commission in the months ahead. I look forward to 
hearing the great things in store for Seward County. Thank you for the chance to serve.


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