The Liberal City Commission met Tuesday at 5:30 for their regular meeting.

Among the items on the agenda approved by the Commission was Resolution 2337 which sets Public Forums as deemed necessary by the Commission.

Also approved was a lease agreement with Kids Inc. for space in the Recreation Center. The Lease is for 99 years at a cost of $1 per year.

The Commission accepted a donation of $39,900.00 to Arkalon Park, then purchased  a Utility Tractor for Arkalon from Keating Tractor and Equipment with the funds. Also for Arkalon the Commission gave approval to chip seal Arkalon Park Road in the amount of $30,000 with B&H Paving to do the work.

The Commission approved a request to purchase at a cost of $8,000/acre, 8.95 acres at the industrial park from Croell Redi-Mix who recently purchased JAG Construction. This is pending approval of the Planning and Zoning Board.

The City also accepted the bid fro Duo-Gard for 7 Bus Stops at a total cost of $41,790. Funds will come from a KDOT Grant