Chamber Health Plan Deadline Approaching

Joe Denoyer - October 14, 2019 12:12 pm

We are coming down to the wire for the Chamber Health Plan open health questionnaire period.

Important items to know:

1. The final day for your employees to complete a health questionnaire is tonight, 10/15 by midnight.
Paper questionnaires need to be turned in to the Chamber Office on Tuesday, October 15th, between 8am – 2pm.

2. Your organization needs to have at least a 65% participation in enrollment in the plan for you to offer this health benefit to them, so, please make sure all eligible employees (30+ hours/wk) complete one, even if they have a waiver of some kind (spousal, parental or medicare coverage).

3. If they have a waiver or simply decline, and do not complete a questionnaire, they will NOT have the option to participate once the rates come out (approximately 11/1), so it is imperative they complete a questionnaire even if they have a waiver.

4. So far we have received over 1000 health questionnaires from 180+ employers. This means you will be purchasing this insurance with the buying power of 1000 lives instead of 1 or 2 for those small locally owned businesses.

5. You are not obligated to participate in this insurance until you sign the dotted line during the enrollment period.

6. This is complete insurance that is ACA compliant, which means the employer will be federally required to pay at least 50% of the most affordable of the 5 single plans available, for each employee enrolled. However, the employer may choose to contribute as much as they’d like beyond the 50% requirement.

If you have questions call The Liberal Chamber Office at (620) 624-3855.


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