CDC Guidance and Local Testing Update

Joe Denoyer - January 14, 2022 4:02 am

 Seward County Emergency Management and the Seward County Health Department are adopting the most recent guidelines for COVID-19 protocols as presented by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This guidance will affect both the general public and healthcare workers. Isolation for positive cases will now be counted from the date of testing and not the onset of symptoms. CDC Guidelines require that positive patients isolate for five days after the positive test. Test day is considered day zero. On day six, if the patient has been fever free for twenty-four hours without the use of fever reducing medication, he or she can return to normal activities. However, guidance requires that the patient wear a well fitting mask for an additional five days. Individuals who choose not to wear a mask should remain in isolation for those additional five days. The full CDC Guidelines can be reviewed here:

The Health Department Staff will continue to provide Case Investigations for each positive case, but staff will no longer be Contact Tracing. Letters of quarantine or isolation will no longer be given by the Health Department. Please remain patient with Health Department staff as they perform their case investigations. Currently, six individuals are working through the case investigations on more than 800 cases. Local testing supplies continue to be in short supply. We are working to acquire more testing supplies as well as to modify our testing site to better serve the needs of the community. Until then, please remain patient if you need a test to return to work or to school, or if you need clearance to fly.

Remember to practice good personal hygiene by washing your hands frequently and avoiding the spread of germs through coughs and sneezes. If you feel sick, isolate yourself and take the necessary steps to feel better. Seek medical attention immediately if your symptoms worsen.


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