Balko Students Win Spot On The Moon

KSCB News - February 6, 2015 4:18 pm

"Shoot for the stars", isn’t just an expression for two students from the small community of Balko, Oklahoma.

Colton Lentc and Hanna Parker from Balko will send collections of their school’s creative talents in a time capsule to the moon.

"We are just little bitty Balko, Oklahoma, most people don’t even know where we are. I think it is really cool we got chosen", says Hanna Parker.

A space logistics company, Astrobotic will be participating in the first commercial lunar landing in history.

They offer a service called Moonmail for individuals to send items to the moon.

"This is the first time the United States, this is the first time that any group of private individuals is going to make this kind of effort and this small community and this small school is going to be an important part of that", says Balko Computer Teacher, Paul Merlo.

Colton and Hanna believe their collaboration on the essay is what made their story stand out.

"Colton wrote this awesome piece that talked about the land and how people survived here during the 1930’s when it was almost impossible. I capture the point of there is so much potential in Balko", says Hanna Parker.

Colten, who is a published author, hopes winning this contest will bring more attention to how much the community of Balko has to offer.

"We have a lot of talent that really needs to be recognized and my hope is this will put some of that talent in the spotlight", says Colton Lentc.

Colton and Hanna credit their English teacher, Mrs. Eyler, with encouraging them to dig deep in their writing.

"I’ve always written a little on my own, but it was when Mrs. Eyler saw some of my writings in class that she thought I should get some of them published", says Colton Lentc.

Mrs. Eyler feels the students winning this essay is a testament that you can accomplish anything no matter where you are from.

"You do not have to have to be determined by your geographical location, you are not just a map dot"says Mrs. Eyler.

The CEO of Astrobotic, John Thorton, says it was this reason that made the essay stand out.

"This is the American story right? This is a small high school that is able to get together and do something amazing and land on the moon" says Thorton.

Hannah and Colton hope this inspires future students.

"Don’t dumb yourself down to where you say, well I’m not going to participate in that because I’m not going to get it, there is no way. There is a way there is always a way", says Hannah Parker

The school is sending an SD card containing their creative work and other memorabilia.

It should be on the moon by 2016.


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