The Liberal golf team played at Smoky Hills in Hays on Monday.

Nick Rotolo

“Finished 3rd in the WAC and 8th overall and it wasn’t one of our best days. Another round where putting killed us and kept us from 2nd in the WAC. They battled their butts off but just couldn’t exactly get it done. We will keep working on our chipping and putting, because I believe this team can compete to get that 3rd spot at regionals to qualify as a team.”

Skyler Hubbard 88
Ryan Mein 91
Caden Lamm 97
Hudson Rice 98
Landon Martinez 102
Blayden Betts 109

Team Scores

  1. Manhattan 314
  2. Washburn Rural 317
  3.  Salina Sacred Heart 321
  4. Dodge City 337
  5. Salina South 341
  6. Garden City 368
  7. Topeka Seaman 369
  8. Liberal 374
  9. Hays 377
  10. Junction City 395
  11. Great Bend 419
  12. Salina Central 443