Redskin Track Teams Take 1st at Elkhart

Brock Kappelmann - April 15, 2022 7:13 am

100M place time/distance 200M place tim/distance 400M place time/distance 800M
Hannah McCarter 2nd 13.3 Paris Bond 2nd 30.54 Paris Bond 4th 1;09.63 Daniela Cerda 2nd 2:37.08
Amy Nguyen 9th 14.74 Yadira Ovalle Jenny Casas 5tth 1:11.51 Elle Hatcher 3rd 2:42.33
Paris Bond 5th 14.25 Amy Nguyen 4th 30.92 Keyona Hall 6th 1:12.93
110 HH 300 IH 1600 3200
Keyona Hall 2nd 19.22 Hallie West 5th 56.13 Pamela 4th 6:33.73 Ariana Cerda 5th 16:06.23
Ashlyn Brady 3rd 20.44 Mana Chanthasome 7th 59.99 Angela Garcia 6th 6:52.12
Brianna Sanders 4th 20.56 Bentley Fitzgerald 6th 57.76 Daniela Cerda 2nd 6:00.77
4X100 2nd 53.55 4X400 Team 1st 4:31.63 4X800 Team 1st 11:18.77 PV
Bree Horyna Hannah Bentley Fitzgerald
Hannah McCarter Elle Elle Hatcher
Emma Evans Bentley Daniela Cerda
Rylie Hallman Hallie Hallie West
Bree Horyna 1st 36-03 Bree Horyna 1st 110-01 Bree Horyna 1st 102-10 Janaya Devore 5th 23-02
Kamila Delgado 6th J26 Kamila Delgado 8th 66-02 Naomi Macias 5th 78
Kamila Delgado 8th 69-07
Riley Halman 1st 15-10 Ashlyn brady 3rd 04-06 ***Liberal***
Paris 3rd 14-02.25 Emma Evans 2nd 4-10 Ulysses
Janaya 9th 11-11.05 Naomi. M Elkhart
Boise City
100m Place Time/Distance 200M Place Time/Distance 400M Place Time/Dist 800M Place Time/Dist
Easton Zapien 1st 11.51 Daniel Amparan 1st 24.37 MJ Foster 6th 58.61 Daniel Pavia 1st 2:12.26
Isaiah Guinn 5th 12.36 Edgar Alvarado 5th 26.32 Chris Robledo 4th 57.4 Elian Laguna 3rd 2:21.71
Jorge Gonzales 11th 12.74 Elijah Navarro 7th 26.39 Lexton Batie 8th 59.97 Alejandro Pando 4th 2:26.15
110 HH 300 IH 1600 3200
AB Amador 3rd 17.71 AB Amador 4th 47.94 Daniel Pavia 1st 5:11.46 Enrique Morales 2nd 11:53.18
Saul Ortega 4th 19.78 David Villa 3rd 47,94 Enrique Morales 2nd 11:53.18 Bryan Ortega 4th 12:36.77
Bryan Ortega 4th 12:36.77 Mario Sosa 5th 13:12.14
4X100 1st 46.53 4X400 3rd 3:57.53 4X800 1st 9:53.93 PV
Easton Zapien MJ Foster Elian Laguna Enrique Morales 2nd J8
Cameron Randles Cameron Randles Jack Naranjo Alejandro Pondo 1st 8
Daniel Pavia Jack Naranjo MJ Foster
Daniel Amparan Chris Robledo Enrique Morales
Isaiah Guinn Daniel Amparan Bryan Ortega TRIPLE JUMP
Edgar Alvarado AB Amador Mario Sosa AB Amador 4th 36-06.5
SHOT PUT DISCUS JAVELIN Carson Chamberlin 7th 34-09.75
Aldo Avalos 1st 46-10.25 Aldo Avalos 1st 117-07 Easton Zapien 1st 141-07 Erick Arriaga 9th 33-04.5
Tre Dinkins 4th 39 Peyton Morlen 6th 92-09 Aldo Avalos 2nd 126-04
Tyren Holmes 7th 36 Adrian Zuniga 4th 98-05 Tyren Holmes 4th 102-10
Daniel Amparan 4th 18-07.5 Cameron Randles 4th 05-02 ***Liberal***
AB Amador 5th 17-09 Chris Robledo 3rd J5-04 Elkhart
Erick Arriaga 11th 16-03.5 Carson Chamberlin 1st 05-06 Hugoton
DISMISSAL TIME: 12:00pm Ulysses
Quiet on the bus. Focus. Ready to Compete

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