3D Mammography Makes its Grand Debut at Artesian Valley Health System

Joe Denoyer - April 17, 2020 10:57 am

Meade District Hospital introduces a new 3D mammography system, offering patients high-quality imaging exams aimed at improving outcomes and patient comfort.

(April 16, 2020) Meade, KS – Artesian Valley Health System (AVHS) is dedicated to bringing friendly service, high-quality care, and state-of-the-art technology to Meade County and surrounding communities. The latest example of this commitment is the hospital’s new 3D digital mammography technology, replacing a nearly 20-year-old film system to become one of the only 3D mammography options in the area.

This new technology, also called breast tomosynthesis, provides 3D images to give radiologists a clearer view of the patient’s breast. Clearer images mean physicians can better differentiate healthy tissue from suspicious spots or lesions, which helps to detect more cancers at earlier stages and reduces the need for additional testing.

“Our new 3D digital mammography system is one of the most accurate screenings available,” said Tara Ramlochan, Artesian Valley Health System CEO. “It enables us to spot breast cancer at the earliest possible stage, when treatment is most effective.”

One in eight women in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer each year—but the 5-year relative survival rate of early-stage breast cancer is 99 percent. This means early detection is key for survival.

Ramlochan’s wish is for women in the Meade community to get educated about breast cancer risk factors and understand the importance of regular screenings.

“Women with dense breast tissue or those who have a family history are at higher risk,” said Ramlochan. “Plus, other factors like getting older, gaining weight, physical inactivity, and alcohol consumption can all increase your risk.”

According to Brad Bird, Radiology Director at AVHS, women should have a clinical breast exam at least every three years starting at age 20 and a yearly mammogram starting at age 50. Those who have a known risk due to personal or family history should start screening even earlier.

“Our work to bring high-quality care and innovative services to our community is never done,” said Bird. “I can’t wait to show patients and our local physicians what we’re able to achieve right here in Meade County with this incredible new technology.”

Not to be outshined by the 3D mammography system, the radiology department has also invested in a new computed tomography (CT) scanner, replacing a previous system that was eleven years old. The SOMATOM go.Up CT from Siemens Healthineers helps improve the patient experience with shorter CT exams and fewer rescans.

Bird shared that the 3D mammography and CT systems were chosen based on their ability to improve diagnostic confidence and minimize radiation dose. In the case of CT, lower dose is especially beneficial to children and patients requiring multiple scans.


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