Friday, 03 July 2015
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White House: We Have A Beef With GMO Regulations
07/02/2015 10:13 PM
The White House has ordered a review of the government's system for regulating products of biotechnology, including genetically modified crops. That system has been controversial from the start.
BP Settlement To Address Ecosystem Damage Caused By Oil Spill
07/02/2015 8:30 PM
NPR's Rachel Martin talks with Bethany Kraft, director of the Gulf Restoration Program at Ocean Conservancy, about the BP spill's impact on the environment to date.
BP To Pay $18.7 Billion In Landmark Settlement Over 2010 Gulf Oil Spill
07/02/2015 8:30 PM
Oil giant BP agreed to pay $18.7 billion in a settlement announced on Friday by Gulf Coast states and the federal government. The deal pays for the harm from BP's 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, which was the worst in U.S. history. The accident killed 11 rig workers.
Coping While Black: A Season Of Traumatic News Takes A Psychological Toll
07/02/2015 8:30 PM
Research on the psychological effects of racism, especially on people of color, is still in the early stages. But psychologists warn that events like the Charleston shooting can cause serious stress.
Checking DNA Against Elephants Hints At How Mammoths Got Woolly
07/02/2015 8:13 PM
A clump of a mammoth's fur bought on eBay led scientists to a long list of ways the extinct species was special. One specific gene likely played a role in helping mammoths thrive in icy weather.
Don't Get Your Kids' Genes Sequenced Just To Keep Up
07/02/2015 7:09 PM
Just because you can get your children's genome sequenced doesn't mean it's going to do their health any good, a report finds. Most benefits from genetic medicine come from a tight focus.
Do Organic Farmers Need Special Seeds And Money To Breed Them?
07/02/2015 7:03 PM
Organic farmers say they need crop varieties that were bred specifically for conditions on their farms. Clif Bar & Company decided to back their cause with up to $10 million in grants.
How Salt + Car Battery = Clean Water
07/02/2015 6:33 PM
A clever device uses technology developed by the military to make chlorine quickly and cheaply. The goal is to give schools and hospitals around the world an easy way to purify water.
Russian Rocket Set To Launch As Space Station Supplies Run Low
07/02/2015 4:58 PM
After a string of launch failures, NASA says astronauts have just four months of supplies left. A Russian rocket launching early Friday could provide relief.
Not All Online Restaurant Reviews Are Created Equal
07/02/2015 9:08 AM
Reviews on TripAdvisor or Yelp by tourists tend to be significantly more lenient than reviews by locals. Reviews written a long time after the reviewer visits the restaurant are similarly lenient.
How Your Brain Remembers Where You Parked The Car
07/01/2015 8:08 PM
When people saw photos that linked a famous person with a famous place, it changed the behavior of certain neurons in their brains. And it changed their memories, too.
Survey Forecasts A Banner Year For Atlantic Sea Scallops
07/01/2015 5:44 PM
Federal fisheries researchers says their survey found about 10 billion scallops in waters off Delaware and southern New Jersey. They're predicting a boom for the nation's most valuable fishery.
Benefits Of Sports To A Child's Mind And Heart All Part Of The Game
07/01/2015 8:40 AM
In NPR's most recent poll a majority of American adults say they played sports in their youth. Many say they encourage their kids to play, too, and see health benefits as well as life-long lessons.
To Keep Up With Earth's Rotation, Clocks Will Tick An Extra Second Tonight
06/30/2015 8:15 PM
There is an extra "leap" second in Tuesday's clock. The second is designed to keep the clocks in synch with earth's rotation, but some people would like to take it away.
Flood Maps Can Get Much Sharper With A Little Supercomputing Oomph
06/30/2015 7:31 PM
Entrepreneurs are turning to Oak Ridge National Lab's supercomputer to make all sorts of things, including maps that are much more accurate in predicting how a neighborhood will fare in a flood.

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